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The HEADLINES-blog is a research-blog about diagrammatic representations of brain functions in the medieval and early modern period, aiming at its discussion in a back-and forward between the materiality of the book, and the immateriality of thought. It shows and discusses a hitherto unknown corpus of mostly medieval manuscript drawings featuring cognitive processes. These diagrams became widely used in university education of the late Middle Ages. This research-blog then addresses questions about scientific images, university text books and pedagogy, philosophical and medical psychology, its actors, circulation of knowledge, and many others aspects (orality, iconography and iconicity, status, use) in Central-Europe of the 14th-17th century.

Primary objective is presenting and discussing a corpus of manuscript diagrams, otherwise not known to the public. Next objective is to present ongoing research, with posts commenting on the progress. This blog might become a platform for a community interested in medieval and early modern diagrams, and hosting discussions, provide in a calender of events, announcements, bibliography, reviews of new books and articles on the topic.

HEADLINES est un blog de recherche historique, axé sur l’étude de diagrammes de fonctions cognitives conçus entre le Moyen Âge et l’époque moderne. Dans un aller-et-retour entre matérialité du livre et immatérialité de la pensée, on y présente et discute le corpus de diagrammes manuscrits qui n’avaient jamais été publiés auparavant. Ce blog traite de questions relatives aux images scientifiques, aux manuels universitaires et leur pédagogie sous-jacente, la psychologie philosophique et médicale, ses acteurs, l’inscription dans la géo-politique, et bien d’autre aspects (oralité, iconographie et iconicité, statut d’image, usage), pour la période du XIV-XVII siècle, en Europe-centrale.

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